A tool to support the planning, implementation, and organisation of research data management.

Welcome to RDMO

If you are a employed at the Bergische Universität Wuppertal, you can use the RDMO web application to set up and develop data management plans for your research. Additionally, the gathered information can be cast into textual forms suitable for funding agencies requirements or for reports.

The start is very simple: Click on the green button. The first time you log in with your ZIM account, an RDMO user account will be created. Everything else is in our user guide (in German). Or let us advise you, also with regard to the contents (issue tracker or phone +49 175 5343545, Dr. Torsten Rathmann).

You are responsible for your entries and actions in RDMO, e.g. if you enter personal data or other users in your project.

For more information about the RDMO Consortium visit rdmorganiser.github.io.